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Maritime IT Services

After the recent outbreak of malware attacks on ships including ransomware that has resulted sometimes in breakdown of IT systems, Ship Owners and Ship Management Companies are focusing on cyber security in the vessels.

Cyber security is one of the most essential in the Maritime Industry so K2 Informatics can implement solutions to help for the following:

K2 Informatics experience in Maritime IT Support has shown that commercial vessels often lack to access critical IT services.

Typically this is due to insufficient technical skills within the crew or the lack of an IT partner company aligned to the needs of vessel and fleet operators.

Our IT Service Team provides:

Our consultancy for IT solutions will not only improve your operations, but by improving organisational efficiency, you will have a good return on investment, through reduction of operational costs, minimisation of overheads, thus improving competitivity and bottom line results, making your business more successful.

More specifically we can offer the following in order to achieve IT outsourcing on vessels:

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