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IT Security Services

There’s no doubt that cybercrime is getting worse every year and small businesses are not immune. The cost of an IT security breach can be devastating, not only in terms of compromising your systems, but also potential data loss and damage to your reputation. Since GDPR came into force, businesses that suffer a data breach and are found to be non-compliant, face heavy fines. With increased regulation and more sophisticated cyber threats, protecting your systems has never been more important.

K2 Informatics provides a Comprehensive range of Cyber Security Services to organizations that are looking to protect their business critical information and enhance their business continuity strategy by investing in effective cyber security solutions. With over 20 years collective experience in the IT Services sector, G2 Tech has an extensive knowledge of the latest cyber security testing and prevention solutions that can be applied to eliminate the risk of data loss and help you to achieve GDPR Compliance. We can act in a strategic advisory capacity, or we provide hands-on implementation and ongoing management services.

These include:

Proactively managing your systems through regular patch updates

Ensuring you have an effective firewall implementation

Delivering endpoint endpoint antivirus and ransomware protection

Protecting your email systems with Mimecast’s email security services

Finding the right balance between security and usability

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